Once Upon A Time….

21 May

…Girl walks into a shop (charity kind). Girl spots snazzy shoes (vintage Bally Chelsea boots). Girl realises they are four sizes too small for her (size four) Girl buys them anyway (purely because they are too good to be left on a shelf and only £6). Girl passes them on to her tiny footed friend (Lucy).Tiny footed friend hands them back as they are too big (tinnier footed that I thought and most probably tinnier than a borrower) Girl tries second tiny footed friend (flatmante Mcmon) The shoe fits, que Cinderella moment avec quality leather boot. Girl has an idea* They live happily ever after…..

*idea – I could become a charity shop personal shopper for any charity conscious rich , time poor, things about town ??? Yes? No?

Flatmate with the feet that fit


Shoes that fit (not me)


One Response to “Once Upon A Time….”

  1. MrWilburg January 26, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    Quite excellent photography if I dare say so myself…

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