I forgot my password….

26 Aug
I wish that was the reason why I have been so pants at writing anything in over a month and a half, sadly it’s not. It’s because I lost my pants not my password so I obviously couldn’t write a blog with no pants. Well that and I’ve been busy / lazy /a lot has happened and the sun came out. 
Anyway I’m here now and I’m going to try to cram the past month or so into a lovely little parcel so I can move on with feeling bad about not writing anything and start writing the next part.

Even though I’ve not had any pants to write with I have been continuing to swoop up only Charity shop matter and keeping up with my 2011 promise to myself and the world. I did have a small period of time without buying anything even from charity shops ,  the bank decided to solve world poverty by taking out the outstanding balance on my credit card out of my account without even bothering to text me to let me know, that was fun. I survived though, mainly on living off hummous and pitta bread much to the annoyance of my flat mate.

I’ve made a few trips up north recently; it’s not as grim as you all make out. On a lovely weekend in the not too distant past I chugged up to Leeds to visit my friend and more importantly her dog Alfie (as seen in the photograph below looking natural with a bone). She’s not really into the charity shop vibe but did at first seem quite keen to accompany me on a visit to her local shops in Leeds. To my delight the high street in Bramley was lined with charity shops (even a few that had turned themselves into Vintage style charity shops to make people like her go in them ) Her enthusiasm didn’t last long, The first two shops were spent either wondering through with her arms closely fixed by her side with the exception of pointing  sporadically to things and laughing at them for no reason in particular other than they were in a  charity shop ,  when not laughing at anything she spent her time close by my side just in case any of the second hand clothes decided to pull themselves onto her and take over her life. By shop number three she was starting to loosen up a little and think I cracked her even just a   little by the end of it.
                                                          Playing on shoplifters morals. Risky.                                                                               
Alfie ‘Boner’ Turner

I’m not quite sure why people find the concept of Charity shops so wrong when most people will happily buy ‘vintage’ or anything from Ebay. I’m hoping that my little experiment will persuade at least a few people to go into a Charity shops and not be scared!  My Charity shop ways have definitely started to rub off on my flat mate aka the Manatee. After taking her into my local Trinity Hospice Charity Shop on Notting Hill Gate (which seems to get better by the week, if you live in N-Hill I would strongly advise you pay it a visit, see fwwwabaloussss shoes I recently bought for only six English pounds as an incentive in the pic with one of Boris’ finest bikes below) she has now taken a few trips unaccompanied and actually purchased some quality loot, a power Whistles dress and shoes, and wrap dress the stuffed Manatee can’t get enpough of and a lovely little shift dress as seen in the casual scene at our front door below. I have to add that the Manatee has not really been built for Charity shops, she’s been built mainly for the Kings Road, Jigsaw (the shop not the killer) and the Sea, she is however slowly changing to love them to my delight. Please see pics below from the latest show of ‘How to look good naked / if you are a Manatee shopping on a Charity shop’ I’ve also projected a 40ft image of her naked with a feather bower onto the side of Big Ben for anyone who’s interested.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Manatee with a Manatee. Ha.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Just can’t keep away from each other.

                                                                                                                                                                                 The recently converted Jehovah’s Manatee

I’ve also been up to the wondrous world of Blackpool a few times to spend some Q time with some semi-important friends.  The following items were obtained from the seaside town to rival any other – a delightful old school copper pan, scarf (which has in turn been nabbed by both flat mates for social occasions, a clear sign of acceptance) and a cute black and white stripped T-shirt that makes me feel quite French. Evidence below. I think the bike is a welcomed addition to the French look.

In the time since I ‘forgot my password’ I have also started a new job, just a move within the company but I have felt the need to take my work attire up a level (i.e. stop looking shabby in the work place) there are some snappy dressers in my new office, I’ve had a few compliments on some charity shop pieces but not actually told anyone of my little project yet. Not because I’m embarrassed or anything just more because I find it a bit strange to just blurt it out if someone compliments me on a dress, especially as some on the reactions  I’ve had from telling  other people involve pity, confusions and even slight glimpses of disgust. Maybe when someone asked me where I got something from I will tell them my sordid little secret and watch it go down like Primark lead balloon in a Dior showroom. A fav work buy at the moment is an old Marks and Sparks (St Michaels seems to be a re-occurring label in my charity shop finds, their old stuff is bang on trend now) dress which I’ve taken up and in after I was told I looked like Wednesday from the Adams family in it. It’s very quaint with a billion buttons from bottom to top. Here I am casually froloking in my dress and shoes on a bike less pretty than mine.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       The bike pose is getting old already I know.

Other things that I bought include –

A  old people’s home style chair  (minus the urine smell) , I’ve painted the wood and bought some funky Aztec style fabric, just need to cover it now and stop using it to fling clothes  on in my room.. Here is the before image, after image to follow…


 A lovely red hat which looks much better on Eddie than me, due to the recent burst of sunshine this has been relegated to my mum’s house alongside all my winter coats (two bin bags / free recycle bags from the hallway in total) I will most probably need them again next week but I’m going to try and keep with the summer theme and stay optimistic / cold until late September.

I made my first trip to a car boot sale of the season this weekend, picking up a super black and white 50’s (ish) style skirt which I have already taken up in preparation for an outing at the Royal wedding this weekend. I’ll try and pull Kate and Will to one side for a picture. And also a yellow cardigan for 25 pennies. I did in my new year rules allow myself to purchase items from Car Boot sales but even better the stall I bought these from was in fact a  charity stall with all money going to the Alzheimer’s society so it was a double win for me and the Alzheimer’s  peeps . If you like unusual pieces of jewellery  I would highly recommend a trip to a car boot sale, my most favourite jewellery has some from car boot sales, this weekend I picked up a Moroccan style silver cuff for 50p and a white stone chain necklace for yet only another 50p.

In the midst of the above I also got my little hands on a 40’s high wasted long skirt which I chopped about 2 foot off to try and catch some rays on my pasty winter legs this weekend. Seen here on a pleasant day on Primrose hill. I promise it was hot enough for me to be in a bikini top, not just being a tart.

So there is my quick summary for my charity shops finds  in the last month or so whilst  trying  to remember  my password. I have a romantic mini break coming up with the Manatee so need to get my holiday clobber on. If anyone sees any swim wear similar to the below please let me know. Many Thanks.




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    Greetings! Very useful advice within this article!
    It’s the little changes that make the most important changes. Many thanks for sharing!

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